Art insight: Rich McCoy – He is an Englishman not in New York but in New Zealand

Rich McCoy is an Englishman by birth raised in Africa. On the day the Brexit vote results were announced, he left to live in New Zealand and he is glad he did. His art practice fits around his day job (Design lead at TradeMe an online marketplace and one of New Zealand’s most familiar and trusted brands) and four creative but crazy children, so thankfully he is a bit of a night owl. His art practice is usually based on the idea of creating sets or pairs of paintings. He loves collaboration like bands and filmmakers do, so he supposes creating a body of work made up of repetitions of a theme is an extension of that idea that things are stronger together. His biggest dream is to start showing and selling his work in a physical environment.

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Please, tell us about your work in a few sentences.
The philosophies of my work are usually based on me trying to get my head around something I’ve noticed in the cultures around me. As an example, the ‚Mask‘ paintings are an exploration into how as a culture we have probably always been obsessed with the artifice of our heroes and villains but ‚fail to see the man behind the mask‘ to steal a quote. The ‚Cock‘ paintings came to me whilst working in advertising and witnessing the natures of some of the men I was working with. Others are more playful.


What is your dream project?
I would really like to do something like a wine label, better still a vodka or whisky label, either that or some more record covers, or a graphic novel, maybe something to do with film, I just love bouncing off of something someone else has created, I’m not to fussed what the product is, a creative collaboration with someone whose work excites me.

Where do you see your artworks in the future?
On the cover of a vinyl record of a band I have already bought music by, I’m hedging my bets by collecting a lot of music but that’s my dream.




Do you have any new projects planned?
Yes, I have a few things that I am planning out. The first is a set of portraits of people holding their favorite records, I’m still working out exactly how I’m going to execute them, but the poses are all quite classic so I’m tempted to go quite contemporary with the medium, maybe water color pencil and ink.

The other project I’m starting is based on black and white high contrast photographs of these strange hidden doorways I’ve been finding in Wellington, they are really odd and I wonder where on earth they could lead to, I’m not sure if there are nice or nasty places on the other side.

Name 3 things you would always bring on a trip around the world?
Well, I can answer this with some experience, I’ve moved from one side of the world to the other probably more times than the moon, I always tend to pack:

1: Stove top coffee pot.
2: Macbook
3: Yoga mat.


What sort of music do you listen to?
I like anything that challenges my preconceptions of what is music, I’m big on the works of Sonic Youth & Swans.

I would love to work as…
I would have loved to have been either a filmmaker or a musician or better still a filmmaker who makes music films.

Your favourite kind of cake?
I love it when I find a perfect vegan cake, there are a few and I’m always thankful when I find one.

Vodka or Champagne?
Can I be awkward and say Whisky? One ice cube and nothing else, okay perhaps an open fire, a comfortable armchair and some new music that I’ve not heard before, and a graphic novel or a literary classic.


What springs to your mind when you think about artboxONE?
Nice friendly folks, great product.

What would you like to see added to artboxONE?
Multilingual global domination.

What is your favorite motive from artboxONE?
I’m somewhat in awe of Sandrine Pagnoux’s work, it is both beautiful and powerful.


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