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David Springmeyer lives in Chicago, a beautiful city on the shores of Lake Michigan. His work has been featured in Chicago Magazine´s “Best of Chicago” issue. The concentration of his work are photography, ceramics and printmaking.
When he was young he spent hours by walking through the galleries of the Art
Institute of Chicago, where the walls are still filled with enough inspiration to last
several lifetimes.  


When did you get started?
At the age of ten or twelve I brought home a set of oil paints, some brushes and
canvas. My parents were mystified but when I finished they hung my masterpiece
on the living room wall.

What artform do you prefer?
I’m facinated by ceramics. Clay is such an expressive medium The ability to shape the
earth in your hands, it’s as close to God-like as we’ll ever get. I’ve been inspired by the
teachers I’ve studied with over the years. Talented, passionate artists who were always
willing to share and encourage..

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Name 3 things you would always bring on a trip around the world?
A camera, an umbrella and a sense of adventure.

What sort of music do you listen to?
I love listening to classic rock and jazz.


When I wake up in the morning I need…
A lot of coffee and an English Muffin.

Star Wars or Avengers?
Monty Python

What is your biggest dream?
I’ve visited Paris many tiomes over the past twenty years and dream of spending an
extended period of time there.


What springs to your mind when you think about artboxONE?
The folks at artboxONE have been inviting and encouraging. ArtboxONE is a growing
company and I’m excited about growing with them.

What would you like to see added to artboxONE?
Just keep adding a broader variety of options for buyers.

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